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A twist on an original hand made classic, the Pakol (unisex)! Excellent Quality Afghan Woolen Cap/Pakol Hat Outdoor/Trackers Choice . It is a soft top round woollen hat which can be used at any occasions. Traditionally used in Northern Areas of Pakistan and Afganistan. These hats have gained popularity among western people and rest of the countries. It is great for outdoor activities and casual wear.

The Pakol is a handmade soft, round-topped Afghan hat. It is unisex and can be worn by both women/men. This is great for winters and looks good with casual wear. This is great for people in colder climates and helps keep you warm. Check “Pakol” on wikipedia!! 

The hat originated in the Chitral and Gilgit regions of what is now Northern Pakistan. It gained popularity amongst the Northeastern Pashtun tribes in the early twentieth century largely as a substitute for their large and cumbersome turbans. It also gained popularity amongst the Nuristanis and the Tajiks of Panjsher and Badakhshan. It is also worn by some Pashtun tribes who live in Kunar and Laghman. Made from wool blend Size- these are free size and will fit to all. 

Made from 100% fine camel/sheep wool in Afghanistan & Pakistan. Best price available.

This hat is Unisex, Feather is attachable and not fixed.